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Ethan Rei On Quanta Qb

Ethan Rei On Quanta Qb

To everyone taking their time out to discover a little bit more about Quanta QB I would like to thank you.

Quanta-QB of which I am sure you have already heard is no ordinary company, Not only are we developing the most advanced technologies that are going to be creating dream applications like Flying Cars but we are a co-operatively owned venture specifically motivated towards creating a better world for all who live in it.

In the Next few Weeks and Months, we will be adding our Projects to this website and we will be recruiting personal, raising donations from Sponsors and selling technologies to raise funds to better equip QuantaQb to develop its more interesting technologies like Flying cars, Hover Boards and Organic Smart-Farms just to name a few.

We will keep everyone posted as well as give full explanations to the reasons we are deciding to pursue these technologies but mostly our company is heavily guided to be a means of reducing man-kinds impact on the planet and ensuring that we all face a brighter future.

My belief is that a Company like Quanta QB can really shift things on this planet, I just feel like real development looks like more than just making money and If honestly your really developing you shouldn’t need to worry that much about money.

I have figured out that allot of people carry a heavy anxiety about computer development and I don’t blame them, although Quantum is the point where things start to look a little better my hope is that by developing these technologies under a corporation that doesn’t necessarily seek a profit helps the anxiety drift away.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility and Quanta QB is build to handle both.

For Press Please Contact info@quantaqb.co.za

Please note: We have not begun the recruitment process as yet, If you are interested in working for QuantaQB we will be posting more about Job opportunities in future posts. Stay Tuned.




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