A Selfless Solution

QB is the first technology company of its kind.


What drives us is different, we see the world of truth and our philosophy is solid.


We Know Selflessness is the solution to mankind’s biggest problems and QB is that solution.


With the world most advanced technologies at hand the thing we were in actual reality creating was carefully considered and thankfully we had very many other technology companies to learn from when we chose our Path.


QB is a non-profit company and although it has enormous earning potential we have decided that the only way a company like QB should be born is through selflessness so that it is that it can remain.


We plan to move with the grain, carefully carving the future using whats already here and transforming that into the Solution Of Man a solution we not just part of but all share.


A Place where life can be beautiful and free, harmony can be among earths people and less suffering felt. We building a world where the need for greed, lies and selfishness is no more.


We have Abundance times Abundance for all earths people and its all earths people we shall share this with.





Our Inventions


The Qauntagraph.

The greatest Invention in the world


General Artificial Intellegence

Plug and Play better and better

inertia engine

The Inertia Engine

The Biggest Leap in Aeronautics since its inception



The End of World hunger

Our Work

Clean & Minimal

Product Design

Studio Bag


Frame Design


Paint Work

Art, Design