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The Most Progressive Company In The World

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Co-Operationally Owned

Quanta-QB is a non-profit co-operationally owned enterprise which runs Co-operationally owned non-profit entities that develop advanced Technologies.

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A Better World

Quantum QB is not persuaded by profits, its been created as an establishment that through innovation solves the issues we face. Un-Selfishly.

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Responsible Development

At Quanta QB we do good, make money and do more good. Quanta QB is build to handle the power it has and turns it into responsible development.

Backed by Ground-Breaking Inovation

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Quantographic Data Processing

The worlds first stable Quantum Data Processing system opens doors to innovation previously thought un-imaginable.

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Super-Gravity lift systems

Super-Gravity systems create extremely powerful thrust-less propulsion solutions suitable for many applications irrespective of altitude or atmospheric conditions.

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Standard Data Sizes

Standardized Data sizes are an attribute of Quantum Data systems which do not strictly require string data models.

And this is how we creating a Better Planet Together

February 17, 2017 No Comments

Ethan Rei On Quanta Qb

To everyone taking their time out to discover a little bit more about Quanta QB I would like to thank you. Quanta-QB of which I am sure you have already heard is no ordinary company, Not only are we developing the most advanced technologies that are going to be creating dream applications like Flying Cars […]