Welcome To Quanta QB

We on a journey to discover a new way forward through the use of cutting edge technology and pure ingenuity to create a better world to live in.

Quantum Computing

See how we discovered the Standard Model Of Quantum Computing


We Believe plants being Nursed by AI are the future of crop production.

On Demand Retail

Reshaping the retial industry using the advanced technologies of tomorrow

Flying Cars

100% Safe and Autonomous Flying cars are the long term goal of our company.

Ethan Rei Howard

Inventor/Philosopher Founder of Quanta QB

Ethan is the inventor of the QB (Our QBIT) and started QuantaQB in 2016 after the discovery. Since then he has been dedicated to enacting a safe and fruitful transition of the technology into Society.

Connect with him on LinkedIn and follow the real Journey of Inception to realization of Quantum Technologies from his perspective.


At The Core of our business focus is creating a greener society


Quantum Computing is not just faster and nor are our businesses. We believe in staying on the cutting edge


We believe in creating a safer society both locally and globally